finally a hike

After I missed two Thursday hikes, first Sven was sick and then me, I was finally able to go out for a hike. I went back to Will Rogers Park, and this time there were no bees, so I headed up Inspiration Point trail. I am not sure I actually got to the Inspiration Point – there were a couple of places where the trail split and there were no signs  and I decided to just keep going right. (why? no reason at all) Eventually I ended down at the stables and back to the parking lot. I almost did not go, because as it turns out, it rained today. Really rained, it was not just one of those misty mornings, it rained. But I thought it might be the last rainy/overcast day before the summer, and I like that kind of weather, and I wanted to take some pictures, so I did go. My hair was wet, and I had to protect my camera (so it really did rain, even though this is LA abd it’s end of May) but I think I got some nice pictures. (Oh, and I started on the trail relatively late, because we got stuck in traffic going to Luka’s school – no, it was not the weater, apparently a water main broke on PCH and it was a complete mess. We were 30 min late to school!)

The pictures…

more here

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