new christmas stockings

There will be 11 of us in our house over the holidays, including 5 kids, 5 years and under (I know it’s crazy, but for the record, it wasn;t my idea!). I had one nice stocking with Luka’s name on it, so I needed 4 more. I wanted to make Luka one too, so they all match (I am like that) but he wouldn’t have it. He likes the one he helped make last winter in pre school. it’s green. it won;t match.
anyway… I made these from linen and a bit of ikea fabrics. The inside is white fleece – gives them more shape and a bit of volume too. This linen is very thin and had great drape, not so good for this purpose, but I did not have thicker linen on hand. I was planning to stamp the names on there, but the ink I have (not fabric ink) does not do well, it smears. So unless I get fabric ink soon, I will make little hanging labels with names – I am sure Luka will love to write them.

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