clear skies

November skies over Santa Monica Pier today.

clear skies

We spent a few minutes outside, after a birthday party at the Carousel ended. Then we dashed home for a quick shower, jut to leave half an hour later to go to the movies. We saw the Christmas Carol. Not. For. Kids. Not just the 3D-jump-in-your-face “spirits” (that made me jump a few times too), but the way the story was told. Not at a level of a 5 year old. Or a 7 year old. He just woke up a few minutes ago – not really a screaming nightmare – but he did say he was dreaming about the movie. To him the scariest was Death, or as he calls it – the “Shadow” ghost (I did not go into detail, just left it at “Shadow” ghost) because it did not speak. He has a point. But, it was a very, very well made movie. A full day. Luka’s day.
Next week we have 2 birthday parties.

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