quick stroll in venice

This morning we had a lot of plans – stroll with the dog, trip to the library, then go get the groceries, nap for S and then a trip to the beach. Do I have to say that changed? (What are plans for, right?) We ended up playing at home for most of the day, and then took a quick stroll down to the park (the “Duck Park”) at Venice canals. It still surprises me how dark it gets relatively early – and how cold. OK, chilly… (I try to think of those people living in colder parts of US and world). We left the park earlier than planned (ha!), walked fast to get some dinner and then literally ran to the beach to get a few pictures of the sunset while waiting for the food to be ready. We had fun, and I got to play with my new camera some more (I did have to be fast with two kids running around)…

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