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“Toss it” finished

It has been finished for over a week now, but I could not get a decent picture of it. And then I did. But then the pictures wouldn’t get themselves off the camera.

I started in back in January, finished the top a couple of weeks later, and then was sidetracked with another quilt and other smaller projects. I thought I would not have enough of any one of the fabrics I used in the top, for the backing, and I did not want to piece it, so I left it standing there. Alone. But. I don’t like to have unfinished projects, and I found out I do have a single fabric for the backing. So I finished it.


I thought about free motion quilting but I was a little worried about some problematic areas of the top. The linen I used was a little stretchy. This resulted in some wonkiness in a few places. So I decided about straight lines, diagonally on both sides of the seam. I trimmed the quilt, based it and hoped for the best. The stretchiness of the linen actually helped while quilting – I could pull a little to get the straight line and avoid bunching. Satisfied.


I would like to have quilted it more densely, but that would have been asking for trouble. The next one.


I was not so happy with it when I finished the top. But now I really like it.


This one one is going to the school auction.


New project

Yes, I finally started. I say finally, because sometimes I get a lot of ideas, draw a few sketches and then cannot decide which to do first. But after some fabric sorting, looking at fabrics and the sketches from a distance, and thinking about what I really want to cut (and how much) I decided on this:


Blues, grays and tans. I started out with 4in squares, which are then used to make half square triangles, which when trimmed will make 3in squares. I always like to start with a bit larger squares, because I learned by experience that I always need to trim the finished squares (combined from two triangles) because no matter how precise I am when sewing, there is always some wonkiness. Fabrics might be different quality, some more some less stretchy; thinner or thicker… and let’s face it – I am not the most careful cutter. And by that I mean I don’t really take a lot of time trying to align with grain. I tried some time ago, and it proved to be too tedious and it did not always work! I try, but I don’t obsess about it. Here is the progress (I have two more batches to cut; yes, I almost never cut all before sewing, I cut as I go along):