Last weaving for a while

Funny, this warp has been on the loom for months, waiting for inspiration. Now the loom has to be taken apart, to be moved, along with out other stuff. What? Oh, I haven’t mentioned this before? Well, yes we are moving to beautiful Boulder, CO. It looks like we might have to rent for a while so loom will be in the storage. I just wanted to finish with this warp… I will miss it…


Drafting basic briefs…


As I mentioned earlier I drafted a brief pattern and made a bunch of underwear for me using fabrics with different amount of stretch to see how the fit changes. Without going into details right now, let me tell you that you really need to know how your fabric stretches before you cut. I will give you more details later. I really like how these fit, so today I worked on drafting other sizes… Exciting!


Just in to say a quick Hi! and show you what I have been working on. Does anyone remember my pattern drafting attempt from a few years ago? I have been revisiting it and drafting some bras. This is a muslin for my first attempt at a basic block for a soft bra. I also made a pattern for briefs – I made myself some underwear that fits so well and are so comfortable. Details in another post…



Blackout words #30

It’s been a while. Traveling, holidays, busy school days as we approach Christmas… Also planning (and shopping for supplies) for new projects I will be talking about soon. But for now just some new blackout poetry…


it was pretty obvious
we weren’t going to be able to agree
so instead of trying
how about spending some money


I was doing some computer maintenance today and I found this… poem… I wrote a while ago. I remember I woke up one morning early, after a nice dream and didn’t really want to get up. This just came to me.