Just in to say a quick Hi! and show you what I have been working on. Does anyone remember my pattern drafting attempt from a few years ago? I have been revisiting it and drafting some bras. This is a muslin for my first attempt at a basic block for a soft bra. I also … More hi

Blackout words #30

It’s been a while. Traveling, holidays, busy school days as we approach Christmas… Also planning (and shopping for supplies) for new projects I will be talking about soon. But for now just some new blackout poetry… it was pretty obvious we weren’t going to be able to agree so instead of trying how about spending some … More Blackout words #30


I was doing some computer maintenance today and I found this… poem… I wrote a while ago. I remember I woke up one morning early, after a nice dream and didn’t really want to get up. This just came to me.