Quilts for Unity

If you are hear to learn more about the Quilts for Unity project you are in the right place.


For a long story go to the Quilts for Unity page.

We have a Facebook group as well. Join to get updates about the project.

In a nutshell: These are troublesome times we live in. The goal of this project is to create quilts that will represent this moment in time. I want these quilts to give ALL of us a voice and then make us listen.

How: make a crossroads block (tutorial coming soon) and while you are making it, think about what you want to say. Then take another pice of fabric and write down what you want your block to represent. Send it to me. That’s it.

Who: everyone and anyone who wants to have their voice heard and is open to listen to other opinions. This is not a project for this side or the other. I would like to invite you regardless of your political or social views. All I ask is for you to be as hones and as open as you can. If you think you are not ready to open up, say that. If you think the is the stupidest idea in the history of community project ideas, don’t tell me that in the comments here, make a block and write it down. If you think quilts should not be political, you are invited too, let me know, participate.  That’t the only way to make ALL our voices heard.

Again, for the long story, and an example of what I would like for you to submit for the project, please go to the Quilts for Unity page.

Any comments and suggestions are welcome either here or on the Facebook group for the project.

I am hoping you will join me on this journey.

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