blackout words #1 & #2

Recently I have stumbled upon this book:

It was an interesting and fast read (you can find more about the book here) which lead me to Austin Kleon’s website where I first read about what he calls Newspaper Blackout, or blackout poetry (there is a book too: Newspaper Blackout, as well a website where people share their work). Never heard of it before? Here is an example (also a little instagram video):

by Austin Kleon

I was curious, got some newspaper – there is always some lying around right? And I got… nothing. And I tried a few more times. Nothing. And then finally yesterday I did get something, this…

Transforms you
In many ways.

If you are curious you can also try it online on this NYT page. You can select an article and pick up to 15 words to get a poem. Fun, but paper is better IMO. This is what I came up…

nyt newspaper blackout

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