tomatoes in my garden


When we came back from our travels a couple of weeks ago (really, just a couple? seems longer..) I was so happy to see my tomatoes have not only survived but they were full of really big, nice looking fruits. Just like these. There were some dry branches and leaves, but mostly from the bottom of the plants. I did not see any obvious signs of any disease and I thought maybe the drying was due to overgrowth, because for 5 weeks there was no one to prune them (is that the right word when it comes to tomatoes? beginner here…). The soil was a bit soggy so I adjusted watering – thinking maybe too much water; I cut all the dry leaves and hoped for the best.


But drying has continued. And I continued cutting them off. Maybe it was a disease after all. I read somewhere that spraying with a mixture of mil and water (1:10 ratio) helps. I did that yesterday. Adjusted the frequency of watering again (maybe not enough water now?). I added some egg shells to the soil a week ago or so, and fertilized (these are grown in pots, so I usually add some organic fertilizers every 4 to 5 weeks).


Even though the plants did not look too happy, the fruit that was already there did not seem to suffer. It grew some more and was ripening nicely. But I noticed that the new flowers are drying out and falling off. That does not look promising 😦


This is just some of yesterday’s harvest. They are beautiful and very tasty, but a couple more pickings and if no fruit develop, that might be all for this year. I wish I knew what the problem is,  for next year…


2 thoughts on “tomatoes in my garden

  1. are your tomatoes Tigerella in the first picture? we had our first this week- Delicious! I have an odd request- can I buy/borrow your burda magazine 05/2009. I foudn your blog a few weeks ago through a google search for it, and I want to hack one of the patterns to be a nursing top but I cannot find a copy of the magazine anywhere. I figured there was no harm in asking you at least.

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