Happy New Year and a few pictures from our winter vacation in Mammoth Lakes

The weather changed rapidly. Beautiful. To be admired from the inside...
The day we arrived. As we were putting the chains on, the weather turned. But it stopped snowing overnight, and for the rest of the week, we had beautiful, sunny and warm weather. With snow everywhere, beautiful!

The view...
The view from the hotel room.

A lot of snow around here
Yup, there was a lot of snow around…

I hear hot tub is the best after a whole day of skiing.
Kids would ski all day and then still have energy to sledding and finally to the hot-tub.

2012 ended on a good note! Happy 2013 everyone!
First day I took a cross country lesson. This year both kids were in ski school so I could finally do this. I loved it.

Just me, myself and I
The next day I went to ski on my own. Just me, myself and I.

Toblerone anyone?
Love Toblerone, but I never had this kind. Appropriate, no?

View from the bunny slope.
I also took downhill skiing lesson. I promised the kids. We managed to do a run all together at the end of the day. But they are so much better than me, it would take years to catch up. And, to be honest, I prefer cross country.

Voluntary torture devices...
One reason I don’t like downhill skiing is this – I call them torture devices. I could hardly take them of. As I was trying to pull one of my feet out, my thought was – childbirth. You know what I mean…

I just had to take this picture…

Lake Mary
The last day I skied up to Lake Mary. I have seen it only once before, in the Summer, and this was quite a different view. I was not brave enough to ski/walk across it – I only once before (last year) stood on a frozen lake and the feeling wasn’t so great. There is something not quite right about walking on ice…

Lake Mary
Another bench at Lake Mary.

Waiting for warmer days
At Lake Mary – waiting for warmer days.

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