I love hiking in CA in fall and winter or I burned 39 calories or I am feelin the burn

Some time ago I started hiking weekly, by myself, in the morning after I dropped Luka off to school. It was convenient because Luka’s school is close to many hikes. But then it became too hot which I really don’t like and I stopped, planning to pick it back up in the fall. But then I didn’t. Schedules just didn’t work.
But I did it again today, dropped Luka off, and went to Temescal Canyon. I challenged myself to get to the waterfall and back in 1 hr.

This is a terrible photo of the map at the entrance to the park, but you can see the waterfall mark. That was my destination. Of course I had to take some pictures along the way:

Proof that we do have some fall foliage in Southern CA (I do miss the fall colors of the colder climates; I do not miss the cold though).

A view of the Canyon towards the ocean.

The waterfall. Ok, not too impressive, but it’s there. Much more water in the Spring (I was actually surprised there was any water at all since the “rainy season” just started. I made it up here in 35 min.


On the way down…


I ran back and made it to the car in just over 1 hr. I did not expect I would make it, not necessarily because I cannot do it, but because I did not know what the distance was and I randomly assigned myself 1 hr.

I made more than 3.6 km because I did not realize my GPS was off until point A on this map. I started and ended at B.
It was fantastic, I really enjoy hiking, especially this time of year. I used an app called GPS lite to track my hike. It calculated I burned 39 calories. I am thinking it might be a little off.
I am already feeling the burn in my legs. I will be in pain tomorrow.

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