Oh, no! I’m hooked


I upgraded. That’s my old phone silly. The one taking the picture! Wasn’t planned. For the longest time I resisted. I don’t really talk on the phone. Just not me. I text occasionally. I guess i’m not a social type. Also, i am not “on the go”, I can check my email on my computer. And I really don’t need to do it that often. But, but…
The camera thing. Oh, the camera. That’s what this little gadget is to me, my camera. What I love the most is that you can take a pic and simply send it off. How many times did I wish for that feature on my regular camera. No cables, no downloading. Just like this…

So now I am going to have to take a lot of pics… Do you have a shoe in your cereal?

I did not go to the gym today, because I had to take photos around. This is where I was earlier today.
Oh my! This is bad. Did I need this distraction?

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