Hollywood sign

Finally, after more than 10 years here in LA, we are exploring the sights… We started at the Hollyridge trail for a short hike to a point where you can see the sign from below. It’s about 3 miles round trip. Perfect for a hike with kids. You cannot get to the sign – unless you have a permit for filming, but seeing it up close was enough (even though sitting on one of the letters would be really cool).

Trail head

Ready and willing. Snack in hand. All good to go.

Instant gratification – you can see the sign very close, very soon.

Should have been a good view of the city. Not so much.

Heat is setting in. Slower going. (I actually got a sunburn. I was totally unprepared. It was cold in Venice, and foggy. I new it would not be as foggy/cold up in Hollywood hills, but still, over 80, no cloud in the sky. After 10+ years you would think I would have this down!)

Arriving at the destination. More snacks and a bit more energy kicking in. This is the only pic of him and the sign – the only one he would agree to. I think he didn’t really get the whole thing – looking at some huge letters – why?

He was willing. He did say it hurt his arm.

Yes, we were close.

First he found the long stick. He decided he was an old man. Started limping a bit and walking even slower. Then he found the smaller stick and started putting it in his mouth. After I complained, and asked why, he said it was the smoke. ??!! Apparently old men use walking sticks and smoke pipes. When I said that smoking is bad for him, he said – “mom, it’s pretend smoke”. Of course.

Next I would like to see the Batman cave. A guy was telling me about it today on this trail. He seemed very surprised that I did not know of the original Batman show. He even sang the show tune for me. Nope. I had no idea.

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