can I do a 5k run? – week 2

A little set back this week. I was able to stick to the schedule until Friday, when I started feeling pain in my right leg, just above the ankle. Then both my legs started cramping. So I ran only half of the total time, the rest I walked. The same happened on Saturday. It was a little troublesome that I kept feeling the pain even after running, all day Saturday and Sunday. My hubby says I should take it easy for a while, walk for a week maybe.. I am not sure if the Beginning Runners Training Program was meant for somebody totally out of shape, so I will have to modify it further. So for this week, I am back to week 1 – 1min run/2min walk for 30 min total.

Totals for the week: about 12 miles walk/run, in about 4 hr and 10 min.

Not going totally as planned, but I am not quitting. I am actually still having fun. I will also try new shoes: my hubby swears by the new Free Run Nike‘s – very light and very soft shoes. That’s as close to running barefoot (the new “thing” among some runners right now), or in those 5 toes shoes (they just look ridiculous) as I will ever get. (actually I might run barefoot, but on sand only).

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