Leacock Memorial Trail

Today I picked a trail I did know about except that I saw a sign to the trailhead on Sunset Blvd, close to Bienvenida, which is on our way to school. I could not find it at first, because the road deadends at one of those posh gated communities. But when I did a U-turn I saw it: the Leacock Memorial Trail to Temescal Ridge Trail, which is inside the Topanga State Park. You can read about it here too.

It is only 0.5 miles long, and at the first junction you get to Temescal Ridge Trail. I kept right and then on the next junction I went left. I actually did the same route (purely by accident) as in the link above, and I ended at the top of the hill, with really good views of the city and the ocean. I dont know what the elevation gain is, but it is a pretty good workout. Here are some pics:


The trail is partially in shade, and partially exposed with great views towards the city and the bay.


What is this on the right. It was a little creepy (I really, really, really cannot stand snakes), it did not move at all, just stood like that frozen. Is it a lizard? But I could not see the legs. A snake? It does not really look like a snake. I wanted a closeup picture, but I did not want to go too close, so I extended my camera and shot blindly, hoping for the best.


A scream? A hiss?


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