walk around the neighborhood

I should take more walks. I remeber when my first son was born, we walked every day, all around the neighborhood. When he was very little, we used to go as soon as he woke up (and it was not dark outside, this IS Venice after all). He was usually fussy early in the morning, and bouncing in the bjorn (and beeing a little squeezed) did him good. When my younger one was born, we had less time, and we couldn’t just go early in the morning, not before his brother was in preschool.

Now that I have the new camera, I like to take it (and the dog) for a walk. And I take pictures. Here are the ones from today.


A gorgeous gate. Old wood, rusted metal. I just realized that I have not changed my ISO setting, so all these were shot at 400. Not a tragedy, but 100 would have been better.


I almost missed this one. Can you guess what it is? A handle on another gate.


Beautiful orange flowers on a huge cactus. I usually don’t get to see a flowering cactus, or I see it when it’s all over.


On the way back, I took a stroll through the Canals. It’s always nice to walk there. I have not seen too many ducks today.


But there was this guy.


I wish I were sitting under one of these, on a beach, sipping a coctail.


I know there are thousands of pictures of these flowers out there, and much better than this. But, oh well, this is mine and I like it. So there.

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