will rogers to temescal…

temescaltowillrogersToday I decided to go to Will Rogers State Historic Park and hike the Inspiration Point Loop, but… as I was taking the picture of the beginning o the trail, beutiful yellow flowers all around, I noticed bees! A lot of bees, right in front of me, on the flowers I was photographing. If I was to contine, I would have had to disturb them, and from experience (hiking north of Pasadena some time ago) I knew that disturbing that many bees might not be a good idea. So I turned around and took the Temescal Trail which connects Will Rogers Park and the Temescal Gateway Park. This trail is 2.1 miles one way, but I did not have the time today to do it all the way, so I got about half way in and then had to turn around. I liked the trail, it was shaded and very quiet. I wish I could go even earlier, to get that early morning light and smell, but, oh well…

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