temescal canyon trail

temescalmap Last Thursday was my first “Thursday Hike” morning. I am always struggling with excersize. Not that I don’t want to do it… It is just that I get easily bored with treadmills, classes,… I love hiking, and I really don’t know why I did not think of this before. I got a book on tape, the camera and at 8:30, right after dropping L off at school, I hit the trail. I made myself walk all the way to the top without stopping to take pictures, to get the workout. And then I ran down. It was really good, excellent workout, pain afterwards, but I will do it again.

I did not get the map beforehand, so I did not know that the trail is a loop and I returned the same way. I will have to do it again (there are more trails around there too), because apparently the other side is even better, but I did get to see the little waterfal. It’s a nice hike, elevating gain about 1000 ft, and great views rom the top (on a clear day) – you can see the city, the ocean (towards Malibu) and the mountains further north and east.

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