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Roma Quilt – finished

It’s finished!

I won;t say much about it, just show you a bunch of pictures. See previous post for some details. I really had fun making this one, challenging myself with selecting all print fabrics (“Look ma! No white!”). And I really like the outcome. Maybe I should make the next year – “no white fabric in my quilts” year. A challenge if you will…

A neutral for the back.

These were all indoor pics. No time for any post processing, so you get them as is. And then I took a few outdoor pics, just for comparison.

For a dear friend. I hope she likes it.

Roma Quilt – a post that was supposed to have been written a few weeks ago

I don’t know about the grammatical correctness of the title, but you know what I mean, no? I had this top sitting on my desk (or somewhere it, at that time, really messy sewing room) for a while now, waiting, just waiting. I didn’t have any batting, and I had too many ideas in my head to go and get some batting. So it sat. Then I got some batting, but I didn’t feel like finishing it. So it sat. But now it finished, which I will show you in the next post, and I realized I never wrote about it.¬† Here are some pictures of the finished top…

I started with a Moda charm pack I had for a long time(It’s a Hoot line), possibly two years. I loved it, and I was just waiting for the right idea. Then I saw this quilt by very famous Rita of Red Peeper Quilts, and thought – that’s it! Of course, the charm pack was not enough so I had to add fabrics from my stash, which is always fun.

There are many half square triangles tutorials out there, and which one I used, I forgot. But it was something like this one. What I liked about it, is that it gave  me 4 hst blocks out of two charm squares, which also meant no waste, which was especially important for the charm pack РI wanted to use it all. I took a few pictures of how I did my blocks, which I will post later.