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ree finished

I just realized that I never wrote about this quilt. I took this picture and posted it on flickr when I finished the top, but it never made it here:

Ree was never really planned. It just sort of happened one day when I was trying (unsuccessfully) to sort my thrifted sheet stash. These particular patterns just fell together and I thought they would go lovely with linen. And I think they really do…

As with the flutters quilt, it was sitting unfinished for a few months and I finally got to it in September. And then it sat until two weeks ago when I took these pictures. But I think the pictures do not do it justice. It looks and feels so soft and cozy in person. Something I just cannot see in these pics. The linen gives it that special feel and touch. Maybe the light was not the best. I am not sure.

Initially I thought I would free motion quilt this one all over, but then I changed my mind for two reasons. First – the linen and a few other fabrics were a bit stretchy and that would not be so fun to quilt (and I did not want to try starch for the first time). Second – I thought maybe too many quilting lines would make it busier? So I quilted only the outline of the pieces…

For the backing I used another thrifted sheet, this time a flannel. This one was brand new – otherwise I would not buy a second hand flannel – I’ve seen a few second hand used ones, and they were terrible. But this makes this side a little warmer and cozier. You can see the backing in the pic below on the lower right.

If I had a shabby chick kind of house this would fit perfectly.

BB quilt and some pattern drafting

What have I been up to since I finished the Windmolen quilt? Couple of things… Firts, I made another quilt top using linen, repurposed sheets (not vintage), and some stash fabrics. This is the first time I tried the big blocks, kind-of random sized. I cal it the BB quilt, or my shabby chic quilt. It is about 36×46 in and it is awaiting sandwiching… The picture does not do it justice, it looks much better on my ironing board, where it sits right now.


Second… I have been planning sewing up a few more camisoles, using the vintage sheets that are lying everywhere in my studio. Remember the first two – Flo and Mo. I really liked Flo, but Mo…. I liked the way it turned out, but I did not care so much for the pattern. So there will be Mo 2.0 in the near future. And maybe a couple more. But I have realized I needed to learn more about pattern drafting, which is what I have been researching for the past week or so. So, today, right after I finish writing this, I will be making my first sloper. Wish me luck. I will be back soon to report on the progress…