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this is a conversation a girl from Sven’s class (Sven is my 6 year old) had with her mother over the Summer:
mom: so, who was your boyfriend in kindergarden?
girl: oh, nobody. I didn’t really have one.
mom: Really? What happened?
girl: well, I tried to make Sven my boyfriend, but he liked basketball better.


Yesterday my homework was to print some baby pictures for kids to take to school. I ended up spending hours… I also got really emotional. So I just had to share.

These first four are of Luka, from early 2005.

IMG_1670 IMG_2182 IMG_2167 IMG_1938

These are from March/April 2008 when Sven was born.

IMG_2412 IMG_2766 IMG_2739  IMG_2459IMG_2598


Time flies and I am not sure I am handling it well.

First day of school

Wasn’t it just yesterday he started kindergarten? He is in 5th grade now. When did this happen? And the little one? He was barely walking then… And now he wants to be a professional basketball player! It’s going too fast…