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another pink quilt – finished

Remember the First Pink Quilt? As I mentioned, I cut enough squares for a bigger project, then I quickly scaled down, but did not want to just forget about the leftover squares (and stripes of white fabric)… so I used up the squares to make Another Pink Quilt:


For this one I had no design in mind. I just started to create these hour glass blocks, basically to practice working with triangles. And it was also a little excersize in color matching. When all the blocks were finished, I arranged them on my table once, twice, and I think the third variation was this design. I have to say I do like it. A few more pics:




sneak peak – new pink quilt

Well, I decided to go ahead and use the leftover squares from the Pink Quilt. Without any particular design in mind I just decided to try to do the hour-glass squares. It was more for practice to see if I can do better matching up corners. When I had all the squares done, I decided on a pattern. Here is a sneak peak:


And here is a closeup – not all sqares align this well, but they are not too shabby: