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Thursday lunch with TED:: Rives on 4 am

Have you ever been up at 4 am? I have… It’s the worst. Whatever you might think about 4 am, this will give you a whole new perspective…

Google Reader has a condition?

Sorry, an unexpected condition has occurred which is preventing Google Reader from fulfilling the request.


So now we are calling it a condition? Seriously?

Super Summer Sale

I will be closing the shop in two weeks, 07/01 and reopen it sometime late August. So…. go on over for a Super Summer Sale – a discount of 20% on your purchase. Think of it as an early 4th of July Sale!

Use coupon SUMMER2011.


Happy Shopping!

new thrifty finds

I had a good week thrifting… here are a few of my favorites. Hopefully soon they will make it to the shop:


Funny how sometimes I will find matching sheets on the same day…


I really like butterflies…


I absolutely LOVE this one. And… it’s in perfect condition, I think it was barely used. And… it KING size. And… I have two matching pillowcases, also in perfect condition. I really hate cutting into it, so I was thinking of offering it for sale as is. The sheet for $15 and pillowcases $3.50 each.

If anyone is interested before I put these in the shop, let me know. How about a 10% off??

new in shop – stripes and plaids

Finally I had some time to go through a mountain of sheets that has been growing in my studio. I had planned to bundle the stripes and plaids together, and here they are:



You can find them in the shop.

surfer dude

My hubby got a kick out of this one…

I was driving on PCH this afternoon, slowly. Traffic was pretty heavy (LA, right!). L and I were going home from school. I was driving in the right lane. L asked me something, and I turned slightly toward him (I WAS driving slowly), as we were passing a popular surfing spot. And there was this guy, his dry suit pulled down below, hmmm, his belly button. His abs were… the best sixpack I have ever seen. He was facing the cars. I guess I looked at him for a while. Who knows, maybe my face showed was I was thinking (hmmm). The next thing I know, he is waving at me.

First I was embarrassed. Then I started laughing. I am still giggling. Sad.

My husband said – “he is waving and thinking … keep on going old lady …”. Right. Funny.