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fashion resources: free croquis and fashion flats

Fashion Frog – free fashion flats and croquis

Fashion Templates – tips for drawing children’s fashion

Fashion Design: from sketch to boutique – from co-owner of Baby Fabulous

Threads Magazine – the croquis family: includes six figures: average woman, petite woman, plus-size woman, average man, child, and toddler.
… or just search google images forĀ  “free croquis” and “fashion flat sketches” and you will get a bunch of images you can use for your fashion sketches

DIY fabric labels

I need labels for my items. I looked around some time ago, but I was not really happy with any of the services (printed or woven labels) – especially given the fact that the min orders are huge (what if I don’t like how they look, feel?). I saw some diy labels on different blogs, and I liked the idea. And I like to look of handmade labels. So, I did some googling and found these:

5 ways to make your own fabric labels from Crafting a Green World – links to 5 interesting tutorials.
Also from Crafting a Green WorldFinding Custom Eco-friendly Labels and Hangtags – if you need to buy your labels, at least be green about it.

I already bought twill tape and I have some iron-on transfer paper, so I will try that first. Then I was planning on getting a custom stamp from and some fabric ink and try stamping. I will let you know how it goes.

On a similar note, and following an earlier post about fabric stickers (how would you make a sheet of sticky fabric?), here is a tutorial on how to make (sticky) fabric labels (that you would use on e.g. kitchen glass containers); from Making Chicken Salad.

more links

These come in handy often:

Knitting needle sizes and conversion

Standard Body Measurements/Standards from Yarn Standards (even though I use slightly different standard measurements).