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short sleeve jacket

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I drew up a pattern for this sweater last summer, beginning of August I believe. I started working on it right away, and then I just dropped it. And it was sitting there, next to the couch for a few months until I decided… well, before I can start a new project I need to finish this one. It’s a new thing I am trying to do, clean up all my lingering projects, because the ‘startitis’ was getting ridiculous, really.

OK, about the project – I was inspired by a shawl from 2009 Debbie Bliss Spring/Summer issue (the one on the cover). I thought the edging would look good on a little jacket. This, however meant I would need to do a garter stitch (not my favorite) and stitch sideways (definitely not my favorite). But I really liked the frills, so, here it is. I like the outcome, maybe a 4 out of 5 but I did not really like knitting it. Garter stitch and all… That’s why it ended up sitting unfinished for so long. I might write up a pattern for this one, but if I do so, it will only be for this size 12/18 months. I guess I just don’t like it enough. Details:

Yarn: Filatura Di Crosa Porto Cervo
Gauge: 21st x 37rows = 10 x 10cm (garter st); 23st x 30rows = 10 x 10cm (st st)
Needle: US 7
Size: 12/18 mo
Measurements: chest: 64cm (25.2in); length (to shoulder): 34cm (13.5in)

knitting ruffles

I liked the idea of knitting ruffles. It takes some time, but I really like the results. This is my swatch for a new short sleeve sweater I am planning – probably in size 6 with some ruffles around the neck and sleeves. The yarn is upcycled from an old sweater – hardly worn at all – 100% cotton with a bit of sheen to it. I like it. As soon as I am done with the little sweater I am working on right now (I have maybe 10% left) I will start this one.


Daph sleeveless dress

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I finished this a while back but then it was just sitting on my desk, waiting to be photographed and blogged about. This was designed completely from scratch – from idea, to drawing to knitting. My first! And I am quite satisfied how it turned out. I used yarn I bought some time ago from eBay – it is a nice and soft cotton, in pale baby yellow. Goes very well with gray and black! I am working on writing up the pattern which I will then post here, for free. Because it’s Christmas time and I feel generous. Details:

Yarn: Welcomme Eau Claire
Gauge: 23st x 30rows = 10 x 10cm
Needle: US 6
Size: 12mo
Measurements: chest: 57cm (22.5in); length (to shoulder): 34cm (13.5in)

free knitting pattern – boy’s vest

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I made this west some time ago from a pattern in Japanese, and said I would post the translation of the pattern but did not have time until now. The original pattern is from Pierrot (free download here). I made this vest in original size (which I think corresponds to size 3T – 4T), but I reworked the pattern to fit the gauge for this yarn (16×20). I also made a smaller version in a different gauge (finer than this and the original) and I might post that as well if there is any interest. Also, I might write a pattern for different sizes too.
I liked the yarn – it was a really chunky cotton from an old, but not often worn, sweater (too chunky for me). However, working with US 10.5 needles was not fun. Too clunky.
To finish, I did two rows of slip stitches around neck and armholes. I am really happy about how this turned out. It always surprises me how the finished item looks so much different than the finished pieces…

Yarn: Repurposed cotton yarn from a slightly used sweater
Gauge: 16st x 20rows = 10 x 10cm
Needle: US 10.5
Size: 3T – 4T
Measurements: chest: 70cm (27.5in); length (to shoulder): 40cm (15.5in)

The pattern is available as PDF, here.

The Urban Craft Center

The Urban Craft Center

I cannot believe I pass by here almost every day (sometimes twice) and I did not know about it until today. Sad. I will check it out this weekend.

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