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I have been a bit distracted…

… making these:


First time crocheting. If you don’t count using crocheting to finish off some knitted pieces. I had this wool mix, a crochet hook and a book from JoAnne’s about learning crochet in 20 minutes (I bought it a few years back when I wanted to learn how to crochet. never did. until now).

But I did not stop there. I went to JoAnne’s bought a small size hook and some crochet cotton. Then I made these:


I did not use the cotton I bought. I actually used some dmc thread I had left over from past projects. They crochet quite nicely. The orange flower was made using this little how to from The Yvestown Blog. The other two are from a Japanese knitting/crocheting book I had around. I had bought this one more recently. Not to learn how to crochet. Just for the beautiful pictures.


I have already started making some hexagons. Again using dmc. Don’t have pictures of those. Later…

crochet on my mind

I added this to my tumblr page (my inspiration board) but I could not not share it here. This is just so beautiful!

by  emma lamb

Funny, but I have had crochet on my mind for a few days now. Now I really got to try it.